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 Wordpress Urdu Tutorials (Course) 
Course Description:
www.urdututorials.com have designed a complete professional course of WordPress in Urdu . We Claim that there is   no   course of WordPress in urdu like our course. In this course we have started from very basic of WordPress Urdu , and   ended   at complete professional level. In this WordPress Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked on WordPress in detail. we have created a complete project  in   this course.  This WordPress Urdu Tutorials Course starts from the installation of the local server and cover all the options used in WordPress and ends at web server uploading. We have theched both local server and web server woking in this course so any working in this WordPress Urdu Tutorials Course. We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
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   Duration :
   09 Hours
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   Level :
    Basic To Advance
   Home Delivery :
    Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
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WordPress Urdu tutorials Complete Course- (Course Contents).
WordPress Sites
Different Medthods
4. Signing Up 5. Loging In
Public Profile
7. Images 8. Personal Setting 9. Images
10. Post Sharing 11. Posts & Pages 12. Adding New Post
13. Post Formatting 14. Links In Posts 15. Inserting Images
16. More Images Detail 17. Post Control & Org 18. Post Publishing
19. Pages 20. Pages Hierarchy 21. Pages With Tem…
22. Media Control 23. Using Contents 24. Videos In WordPress
25. WordPress Setting 26. Adding Users 27. Comments Control
28. Rattings 29. Polls Details 30. Themes Details
31. Widgets Details 32. Editing Theme 33. Menus Details
34. Header Details 35. Self Hosting 36. Download WordPress
37. Using  Local Server 38. Plugins 39.  Troubleshooting
40. Uploading Site 41. More Steps 42. Install On Web server
43. Activating Steps 44. Themes On Local 45. Project Lesson 1
46. Changing Layout 47. Menus
48. Inserting Flash Files
49. Inserting Slider
50. Widgets Control 51. Self Hosted Videos
52. Inserting Download Button
53. Inserting Live Chat
Contact Us Option
55.      Inserting Columns

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