Photoshop Urdu Tutorials

 Photoshop Urdu Tutorials (Course) 
Course Description: have designed a complete professional course of Photoshop in Urdu . In this Photoshop Urdu Tutorials ,  course we have started from very basic of Photoshop Urdu , and   ended   at complete professional level. In this Photoshop Urdu Course we have worked on Photoshop in detail. we have created a complete project  in   this course. We have teached creating animation in this course. We have also teached importing Urdu to Photoshop and creating animations in Urdu. We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
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    Developed By :
   Touqeer Alam
   Number Of Lessons :
   Duration :
   11 Hours
   Number Of Dvds :
   Language :
   Level :
    Basic To Advance
   Home Delivery :
    Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
   Available :
Photoshop Urdu Tutorials – (Course Contents).
Basic Option
Selecting Options
Del, Dup, Opacity etc
4. Text Part 1 5. Text Part 2
Cloning Details
7. Black& white opt 8. Background Change 9. Feather Tool
10. Patterns Tool 11. Different Effects 12. Different Tools Details
13. Brushes Tool 14. Color Options 15. Heal, Patch etc Tools
16. Blur, burn etc Tools 17. Slice, Shape etc tools 18. How To Make Frame
19. Zoom ,Pen etc Tools 20. Rain etc Effects 21. Fire Effect
22. Glass Effects 23. More Effects 24. Liquify Tool
25. Mixing Pictures 26. Importing Urdu Text 27. All Layers Effects
28. Urdu In Layers 29. Animation Part 1 30. Urdu Animation
31. Urdu Animation 2

Demo Lessons:


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