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Php Mysql Basic To Advance Course In Urdu –

Course Description: have designed a complete professional course of php in Urdu .  In this course we have started from very basic of php Urdu Tutorials and ended at complete professional level. In this php Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked at all functionalities of php in detail. We have started this course from very basic . In this course we have teaches about php in detail too so any person with no knowledge of php will be the master of php after learning our course.We have started php from what is php and we have covered all the topics of php and ended at complete professional level.We have also include a project of CMS (Content management system) in this course so any body learning this course will have a very good knowledge of CMS too. We have teached in details all the functionalities of mysql . So you will get a huge knowledge of mysql knowledge by getting this course. We do hope that you will learn a lot from this php Urdu Tutorials course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
Developed By : (Shahzaib Kamal)
Number Of Lessons :
Duration :
25 Hours 47 Min
Number Of Dvds :
Language :
Level :
Complete Professional Level ( Expert Level)
Home Delivery :
Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
Available :
Php Mysql Complete Urdu Complete Course- (Course Contents).
How to run php file
Php basic tag structure
Using html inside php
4. Inserting comments in PHP 5. Variables
String and Integer
7. More or variables 8. Concatenation & variable tricks 9. Constants
10. Arithmetical operators 11. Combined Assign operators 12. Comparison operators
13. Logical Operators 14. If statement 15. If else & Comparison operators
16. If else & Logical operators 17. If then Else if statement 18. Nested if else
19. Nested If else then else if 20. Declaring variables in if else then else if 21. Switch and case
22. For Loop 23. While and do while loop 24. Foreach loop
25. Nested Looping 26. Nested Loop & If in each other 27. Break and Continue
28. Defining a function 29. Function Arguments 30. Calling Function inside HTML
31. Multiple Arguments in function 32. By Default Argument in function 33. Returning value
34. Local and Global variables 35. Links and urls 36. Get Variables
37. Redirecting 38. Date function 39. Different formats of date
40. Creating a form 41. isset function and multiple get values 42. Getting form data in PHP
43. Check Boxes and radio buttons in php 44. Getting Text area & select tags in Php 45. Validating our form
46. Full form validation 47. defining Form tag 48. Get or Post
49. Creating a login page 50. Getting post values for login form
Working with sessions
52. Completing Login system 53. Working With cookie 54. Introduction to MySQL
55. Overview of MySQL 56. Creating database and table 57. Inserting Data in table
58. Creating user with full access & setting up password 59. Connecting MySQL with php 60. MySQL Basic commands
61. Retrieving MySQL data in php 62. Getting MySQL’s data into html table 63. Creating form for new record
64. Getting Form data into PHP 65. Sorting Data in php
Deleting Record from MySQL
67. Creating form for updating record 68. Getting Data from table for updating 69. Updating records using php
70. Creating and styling home page for CMS system 71. More on Styling home page
Creating header area
73. Creating footer area 74. Creating main post block
Creating side area
76. Using include function 77. Linking up complete site & creating other pages 78. Creating menu page
79. Creating search page 80. Creating post page 81. Creating database & table
82. Inserting data into table 83. Connecting database with PHP & including into site 84. Adding functionality to the home page
85. Insert some more data into tables 86. Adding functionality to the sidebar 87. Linking with some php ways
88. Adding functionality to the Post page 89. Creating menu table 90. Adding functionality to menu page
91. Adding condition to the menu page 92. Adding functionality to the search page 93. Understanding wildcards
94. Adding functionality to news letter area & page 95.  Intro to admin panel and creating directory 96. Creating admin header
97. Creating managing area 98. Styling managing area 99. Adjusting left area
100. Sorting posts in managing area 101.  More on sorting 102. Extending sorting functionality
103. Finalizing sorting 104. Styling edit and delete button 105. Adding delete feature to managing area
106. Styling edit page 107. Getting data on edit page 108. Updating data on edit page
109. Editing Images 110. Adding restriction to uploading 111. Updating images to the database
112. Redirecting empty edit page to index & fixing some bugs 113. More on editing page 2 114. Creating insert page
115. Applying a jquery texteditor 116. Inserting images using insert page 117. Adding date and time function to the insert page
118. Restrictions on Insert page 119. Adding title to the whole site 120. Styling and creating login page
121. Logic behind login system 122. Using session arrays 123. Creating table and inserting admin details
124. Getting Admin detail from database to login 125. SQL injection and real escape string 126. Creating logout page
127. Using admin name as post author 128. Creating directories and files for webpolls 129. Creating and styling index page for webpolls
130. Creating database and table 131. Getting result in php 132. Sending result to database
133. Creating queries to show webpolls data

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