Ms Word 2016 Urdu Tutorials

 Ms Word 2016 Urdu Tutorials –   Complete Professional Course
Course Description: have designed a complete professional course of MS Word 2016 in Urdu . We Claim that there is no course of Ms Word Urdu Tutorials Course like our course. In this course we have started from very basic of Ms Word Urdu Tutorials and   ended   at complete professional level. In this MS Word 2016 Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked all properties of Ms Word in detail.  We have teached each and every option of Ms Word In this Urdu Tutorials Course. We have teached every Tab, Ribbon in complete detail. This is 100% Practical course.  We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for    you success. May ALLAH bless you.
    Developed By : (Touqeer Alam)
   Number Of Lessons :
   Duration :
   17 Hours 36 Min
   Number Of Dvds :
   Language :
   Level :
    Complete Professional Level
   Home Delivery :
    Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
   Available :
Ms Word 2016 Urdu Complete Course- (Course Contents).
New Doc, Template, Close
Open, Save, Save As
4. Page Setup 5. Print Margins
Collate, Selection, Custom Print
7. Export,Close,
8. Copy, Cut, Paste 9. Format Painter and Clipboard
10. Bold, Italic, Underline,
Font Style ,Size
11. Sub, Super, script, strike Through 12. Text Effects
13. Numbers, Ligetures,
style etc
14. Quick Access Toolbar 15. Paragraph Alignment , Indent
16. Line, Paragraph spacing,
Hanging, Special
17. Shading, Sort, marks, Paragraph borders 18. Bullets and Numbering
19. Styles, Creation, Modification 20. Find 21. Arc with details
22. Replace , Advance 23. Select and Details 24. Pages, Cover, Blank , Break Page
25. Tables. Insert ,
Delete Cell Details
26. Tables , Delete, Split cells 27. Table Properties
28. Text Direction Rows
and Columns Evenly
29. Tables Borders Part 1 30. Tables Borders Part 2
31. Tables Shading 32. Tables Styles and Details 33. Draw Table, quick table etc
34. Grid Lines, Split,
Merge, etc
35. Cell, Spacing, Margin, Convert to text, table, formula, Herder rows etc 36. Insert Picture From File and Options
37. Insert Picture From
File Pictures Styles
38. Insert Picture  Arrange and Size Details 39. Insert Shapes and Options
40. Dirction, Link and
other options of shapes
41. Smart Art and Details 42. Charts and Details
43. Screenshot,video,
Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross Reference
44. Commnets 45.  Header and  Footer Lesson 1
46. Header and  Footer Lesson 2 47. Page Numbers 48. Text box, Quick parts,Wordart
49. Dropcap, Object, Equcation, Symbol 50. Design , Theme Details
Page borders details
52.  Watermark ,Page color and Effects 53. Columns and page , section breaks details 54. Line Number And Hyphenation
55. Arrange, Selection
etc of objects
56. Table Of Contents 57. 57 Footnotes and  End-notes
58. Citation and Bibliography 59. Caption and Details 60. Index And Table of Authorities
61. Envalopes and Labels 62. Mail Merge 63. Mail Merge Part 2
64. Mail Merge by Wizard 65. Spelling and Grammar
Thesaurus & word count
67. Track changes & restrict details 68. View Options 69. Show and Zoom Options
70. Windows 71. Macro

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