VB.Net Urdu Tutorials

VB.Net Urdu Tutorials Complete Professional Course
Course Description:
www.urdututorials.com have designed a complete professional course of VB.net in Urdu . We Claim that there is no course of VB.net Urdu Tutorials Course like our course. In this course we have started from very basic of VB.net Urdu Tutorials and ended at complete professional level. In this VB.net Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked all properties of VB.net in detail. This is 100% Practical course. We have aslo created many programs in the course. We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
Developed By :
www.urdututorials.com (Touqeer Alam)
Number Of Lessons :
Duration :
19 Hours 23 Min
Number Of Dvds :
Language :
Level :
Complete Professional Level
Home Delivery :
Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
Available :
VB.Net Urdu Tutorials- (Course Contents).
Intalling Visual Studio
Starting Visual Studio
4. Datatypes 5. Datatypes Conversion
Variables And Operators part 1
7. Variables And Operators part 2 8. Variables And Operators part 3 9. Variables and Datatypes Code
10. Datatypes Conversion Code 11. Statements Intro & Conditional Statements 12. Conditional Statement Explained
13. For Loop 14. While & Do While Loop 15. Nested Loops
16. Strings Part 1 17. Strings Part 2 18. Arrays
19. Multidimensional Arrays 20. Jagged Arrays and Commenting 21. Functions
22. Recursive Functions 23. SubProcedures 24. Exceptional Handling
25. Classes and Encapsulation 26. Constructors , Destructors & Function Overloading 27.  Inheritance
28. Abstraction and Polymorphism 29. Interfaces and Partial Classes 30. Background Worker
31. Binding Navigator and Binding Source 32. Charts 33. Checkbox and CheckListbox
34. Color Dialogue, Combo Box & Context Menu Strip 35. Data Grid View and Date Time Picker 36. Flow Layout Panel , Folder Browser & Font Dialog
37. GroupBox 38. H scroll Bar , Help Provider and Image List 39. Link Label and List Box
40. List View 41. Masked Text Box and Menu Strip 42. Numeric Up Down and Open File Dialogue
43. PageSetup Dialog 44. Panel and Picture Box 45. Print Dialogue and Print Document
46. Print Preview Dialogue & Print Preview Control 47. Process 48. Progress Bar
49. Radio Button 50. Rich Text View
Save File Dialogue
52. Split Container 53. Status Strip 54. Tab Control
55. Table Layout Panel 56. Timer 57. Tool Strip
58. Tool Strip Container 59. Tool Tip 60. Track bar
61. Web Browser 62. Search from a ListBox 63. Add items to ListBox
64. Remove items from listbox 65. Get the most repeated items in list box
Get the list of running applications
67. Show list of process and how to kill them 68. Get list of installed Fonts 69. Reorder listbox Up down
70. Validate numbers & then average out scores 71. Calculate Age  72. Calculator Tutorial
73. Round a number 74. Calculate Days 75. Round number to nearest 99
76. Format date and time 77. Get yesterday’s date 78. Show the current time and date
79. Get the name of the Month 80. Get day name 81. Get list of dates in a Range
82. Set DateTimePicker value to current month 83. Set date range to last month 84. Set date value to the beginning of current year
85.  Set date value to last Year

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