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 Ms Powerpoint Urdu Tutorials (Course) 
Course Description: have designed a complete professional course of Ms Powerpoint in Urdu . We Claim that there is   no   course of ms Powerpoint in Urdu like our course. In this course we have started from very basic of Ms Powerpoint Urdu , and   ended   at complete professional level. In this Ms Powerpoint Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked on Ms Powerpoint in detail. We have teached doing all official work in Ms Powerpoint how to print your work , how to customize your work and much more. We have teached different kind of making slides.We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
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   Urdu Tutorials
   Number Of Lessons :
   Duration :
3 Hours
   Number Of Dvds :
   Language :
   Level :
    Basic To Advance
   Home Delivery :
    Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
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Ms Powerpoint Urdu Tutorials Complete Course- (Course Contents).
Powerpoint Basics
Design Tab
Insert Tab
4. Home Tab 5. Animation Tab
Insert Tab Details
7. Insert Tab Details 2 8. Insert Tab Details 3 9. Home Tab Details
10. Home Tab Details 2 11. Slide Show Tab 12. Tables
13. View Tab 14. More Details 15. Presentation 1
16.    Complete Presentation

Demo Lessons:

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