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Tally (Erp 9 2016) Urdu Tutorials Complete Professional Course
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www.urdututorials.com have designed a complete professional course of Tally in Urdu . We Claim that there is no course of Tally Erp Urdu Tutorials Course like our course. In this course we have started from very basic of Tally Erp Urdu Tutorials and ended at complete professional level. In this Tally Erp Urdu Tutorials Course we have worked all properties of Tally in detail. We have teached each and every option of Tally Erp In this Urdu Tutorials Course. We have teached account is this course also. So anybody with no knowledge of account can learn this course and can be master of Tally .  This is 100% Practical course. We do hope that you will learn a lot from this course and will like this course and will give us a feedback. We pray for you success. May ALLAH bless you.
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17 Hours 02 Min
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Complete Professional Level
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Yes ( In Pakistan and all over the world)
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Tally Erp 9  (2016 )Urdu Complete Course- (Course Contents).
Introduction to Software
What does ERP means
Other Features
4. Getting Familiar with Tally 5. Accounting and its Objective
What is Business
7. Types of Business (Nature) 8. Types of Business (Formation) 9. Unlimited Liability
10. Limited Liability 11. Separate Entity Concept 12. Material Events
13. Sales Purchases COGS 14. Trade Discount 15. Cash Discount
16. Stock or Inventory 17. What is Accounting 18. What is Accounting data
19. Accounting Definition Explained 20. Cash and Accrual Accounting Method 21. Cost Accounting
22. Cost Accounting 2 23. Management Accounting 24. Management Accounting 2
25. Head of Accounts (Assets) 26. Fixed Assets 27. Rest of Head of Accounts
28. Rules of Debit and Credit 29. Rules of Debit and Credit 2 30. Understanding the Depreciation
31. Financial Transactions and Source Documents 32. Source Documents (Invoices) 33. Source Documents Price List and Voucher
34. Rest of the General Source Documents 35. 36. Purchases and Sales Returns
37. Debit and Credit Note 38. Books of Prime Entry 39. Ending and Opening Balances
40. Satrting Tally ERP 41. Company Setup in Tally 42. Company Setup in Tally 2
43. Entering the Opening Balances 44. Entering the Opening Balances 2 45. Entering the Opening Balances 3
46. Entering the Inventory Info 47. Removing the Trial Balance Difference 48. Understanding the Rules of Debit and Credit
49. Adding Payment Vouchers 50. Adding Purchase Vouchers
Adding Receipt Vouchers
52. Sales Order and Sales Invoice 53. Purchase Order and Bad Debts 54. Debit and Credit Note
55. Journal Voucher 56. Setting up Corporate Sector 57. Voucher Types
58. Opening Balances (Corporate) 59. Opening Balances (Corporate) 2 60. Opening Balances (Corporate) 3
61. Adding Inventory Items 62. Bill of Materials 63. Manufacturing Journal
64. Equalizing the Trial Balance 65. Starting Enter Transactions
Purchase Orders
67. Purchases Journal 68. Sales Order 69. Sales Orders and BoM
70. Sales Order 2 71. Advances and Receipts  72. Fixed Assets and General Expenses
73. Deleting items and Entries 74. Deleting items and Entries 2 75. Making Items with BOM
76. Products Assembling 77. Sales Receipts 78. Loan Account
79. Debit and Credit Note 80. Loss of The Goods 81. Accruals
82. Backups 83. Project Overview (Print) 84. Language and Keyboard Config
85. Configuration and Features  86. State-Statutory and Voucher Types

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